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List of Herzog Art Claimed in the Lawsuit

  • BARTHEL BRUYN THE ELDER, Portrait of Petrus von Clapis, half-length, in a blue coat with fur collar
  • ALONSO CANO, Portrait of Don Balthasar Carlos (1629-1646), Standing full-length, in a Landscape
  • CAMILLE COROT, Portrait of a Woman (Lady with a Marguerite (Daisy))
  • GUSTAVE COURBET, Le Château de Blonay (neige), (The Chateau of Blonay (snow))
  • GUSTAVE COURBET, The Spring (Artist and Model)
  • LUCAS CRANACH THE ELDER, The Annunciation to Saint Joachim
  • DOMENIKOS THEOTOKOPOULOS, EL GRECO, The Espolio, also known as El Expolio, The Disrobing of Christ
  • DOMENIKOS THEOTOKOPOULOS, EL GRECO, The Agony in the Garden, also known as Christ on the Mount of Olives
  • PSEUDO PIER FRANCESCO FIORENTINO, The Madonna and Child, with the Infant Saint John, Saint Catherine and Angels
  • DOMENIKOS THEOTOKOPOULOS, EL GRECO, The Holy Family with Saint Anne
  • POLIDORO DA LANCIANO, Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery
  • JOHN OPIE, Portrait of a Lady, half-length, in a White Bonnet
  • GIOVANNI PEDRINI, called GIAMPIETRO, Christ Carrying the Cross
  • BERNARDINO LICINIO DA PORDENONE, Portrait of a Lady, half-length, in a Black Robe, Holding a Book
  • AUGUSTIN THEODULE RIBOT, Still Life with a Chicken, a Bottle of Wine, Asparagus, Artichoke, Tomatoes and other Vegetables on a Table
  • GIOVANNI SANTI, The Dead Christ with Two Angels, also known as Christ the Dolorous, Christ with a Fly
  • SIR ANTHONY VAN DYCK, Portrait of Margaret of Lothringen
  • ALVISE VIVARINI or GIOVANNI BATTISTA DA UDINE, Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist and a male Saint
  • A Painted Stucco Bust Representing Prudence, After JACOPO DELLA QUERCIA
  • A Terracotta Group of The Virgin and Child, Italian, 15th century
  • Figure of Saint Agnes, attributed to the SCHWARZWALD SCULPTOR, German, circa 1430
  • Figure of St. Catherine of Alexandria, German, early 16th century
  • Figure of Saint Barbara, German, early 16th century
  • The Virgin of the Annunciation, Austrian, circa 1400
  • A Carved Bust of a Prophet, South German, probably Workshop of Erasmus Grasser, circa 1500
  • The Virgin and Child, Florentine, circa 1540
  • The Nativity, Anonymous, 14th century
  • A Greek Marble Hero Relief, showing the Deceased at a Funerary Banquet, Greek 4th century B.C.,
  • One Hundred and Seventy-Seven Items of Ancient Gold Jewels and Coins, including rings, pendants, buckles, small etui, needles and other fragments
  • Four Ancient Egyptian Sculptures, Statues And Steles
  • JÓZSEF BORSOS, Girls with Garlands of Flowers (The Three Graces)
  • Four ancient silver coins
  • Seventy-Eight Pieces: Ancient Cameos, Intaglios, Other Carved Stones and Semi-Precious Stones
  • JÓZSEF BORSOS, Portrait of the Architect Mátyás Zitterbarth
  • KAROLY BROCKY, Bacchanale
  • MIHÁLY MUNKÁCSY, “La Visite” (The Afternoon Visit)
  • MIHÁLY MUNKÁCSY, In the Studio
  • LAJOS DEÁK ÉBNER, Fair in Szolnok City
  • “Meuron à Paris” Musical Clock, 18th century
  • KAROLY FERENCZY, Landscape with a Fenced Enclosure (Houses in Fernezley with Sheepfold) 1912
The Espolio, El Greco The RevolutionThe Revolution, Eugenio Velazquez Female PortraitPortrait of a Woman (Lady with a Marguerite (Daisy)), Camille Corot In the StudioIn the Studio, Mihaly Munkacsy